Rules & Requirements

All submissions must be age-apropriate. I will not tolerate works that younger people can't look at. This includes contest and character art.

All submissions pertaining to contests must in some way be related to the actual contest. No exceptions.

All artwork must be of your own doing. I can't stress enough about copyright infringement. I won't have it on my site. Ever.

All submissions must have your HOL name, ID, year and house. You want to be known, right?

All submissions must be submitted in an e-mail in its body. I won't accept it if it's an attachment.

All submissions pertaining to contests must be sent in before the deadline at 11:59pm. Any time after (including at midnight) will be rejected.

If for some unseen reason you cannot follow the rules at any time, all artwork you send in will be rejected, regardless of whether you followed rules or not. Your name will also be put up on the wall of shame. Rule breaking is not tolerated.

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