Yes, you guessed it. This is the contest page, the place where you can send in art related to the contest currently being held. Each contest will last two weeks, and the winner will be decided by me. I will judge on creativity, originality, and effort, and the winner's art will be displayed on a separate page with a little bit of info on the artist. I, being the judge and all, will not be entering in any of the contests, as it would prove unfair for others. So, send in your entries, and let the competition begin~!

Wizards You Admire

This contest is about the wizards and witches you admire. It can be anyone from Albus Dumbledore to Lord Voldemort, so long as you follow the rules, you can submit your work to me. It can be hand-drawn or computer-drawn (yes, even on MS PAINT~!), so long as it's your artwork.
All submissions are due no later than 03/09/2010!
Owl-riffic, no?
Send me an e-owl~!

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